Gains new sticker bot: Track crypto prices without leaving Telegram!

The coolest way of checking crypto prices without leaving Telegram by just typing a command.

GAINS team is working super hard to provide the best environment among crypto communities. We try our best to hear the community and provide the best tools to ease investors' life.

We are very excited to introduce our new GAINS sticker bot. You can track the price of your crypto very quickly without leaving Telegram!

@GainsCoin_bot : Our bot is the coolest, you can check the price of many assets by just typing a command and displayed as a sticker. We will be covering its commands and the goals of the bot on this article.

  1. Click on start at:
  2. Type: /coin XXX (coin name shouldn't be in uppercase letters). Ex.: /coin bitcoin (check image below) — the bot will expect the full name of a coin-
  3. Check the price displayed as a sticker and forward it to your friends/community and tease them how fun this is!

Checking the price on Coingecko or CoinMarketCap would force you to exit Telegram and go to the browser in order to check the price. And that’s not easy to spread the word about a token price. (As we all know how cool is interacting with a community on telegram). apes together, apes stronger

Everyone in crypto checks the prices of their assets. How often do you do it? What if you can forward the price to your friends? With our bot now that's possible! Just track the price of your favorite crypto and forward the sticker to your friends! (Check image below)

Price data source: Coingecko price collected from the API

Ethereum price displayed as sticker and ready to be forwarded in a cool way! COMMAND: /coin ethereum

CHECKING $GAINS TOKEN PRICE: the user doesn’t need to enter a command if and only if he wants to check $GAINS price, simply add the sticker to your favorite stickers and you won't need to enter any command to check $GAINS token price. — valid for $GAINS coin only.(explanation image below)

To add $GAINS Sticker to your telegram, here's the link:

$GAINS token available for tracking price as simple as a click, no need to enter any command, simply add the sticker to your favorite and click it whenever you want to check the price.

Are you as excited as we are? Let's get started using the bot and tease everyone about your favorite crypto price!

GAINS is here to be the best crypto environment an investor needs. We worked and will be working hard to bring the best our community deserves.

We appreciate your support!

Join us now! Enjoy quality articles, daily curated news, insightful infographics, and enter a vibrant, fun, and knowledgeable community!

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